Nittany Building Specialties, Inc. is a full-service glass contractor who covers the entire mid-Atlantic region extending from Pennsylvania to Virginia. Our ability to provide a full range of products made by the industry’s top manufacturers, has allowed us to provide a complete package for our customer base. Additionally, having an “in-house” engineering department along with multiple fabrication facilities with cutting edge technology, we can also better control quality and efficiency which ultimately provides winning results for everyone involved.

homeFor more than 30 years, Nittany Building Specialties has steadily grown into one of the leading glazing contractors in our marketplace. We offer a trained management team with more than 100 years combined experience who fully understand that in order to keep our customers coming back; we must give them a reason to do so.

With a solid infrastructure in place, we have successfully and profitably managed contracts ranging from small retail to multi-million dollar high –rise projects. We recognize the need to quickly and effectively take a project from the sale to the finish line by meshing with the overall project team and establishing unified goals in order to finish the job on time.

With the future in mind, Nittany will continue to strive to improve our processes and way of doing business in order to strengthen client relationships and remain a top contractor in the market. Our promise to our customer is that we’ll keep an open line of communication and always be willing to listen to suggestions on how we can better serve them.


“If we desire repeat business, it is vital that we become part of our customer’s team in order to establish the assurance that we share the same goals. With that mindset in place, wanting to come back to us again will be an easy decision for our customers”